Addressing Challenging Problem Behaviors Ethically in Schools (5-Part Bundle)

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What’s the problem? The problem is quality!

Schools have vastly different EOs, MOs, and AOs from their missions, objectives, success metrics and methods of delivering services that are completely different than those found in the private sector.  Major challenges that face behavior analysts while providing services in the school-setting include (but not limited to):  resistance and push back, lack of buy-in from administrators and other stakeholders, culture, objectives not aligned with successful student outcomes, and lack of resources.

Even when behavior analysts are able to overcome those issues, there still remains the problem of competency. Most BCBAs are taught to apply ABA in center-based and home-based settings where availability of resources, including sufficient funding, supervisors and front-line staff are plentiful. However, in schools there are severe resource constraints being a common thread across districts, for most BCBAs, it’s nearly impossible to implement the same programs as those in more traditional settings.

What’s our solution? Backfilling the knowledge gap. 

Managing severe problem behavior is one of the fundamental responsibilities of BCBAs, regardless of setting. In schools, the consequences of failure are extremely high, both in terms of risk to schools and the lives of students.

We have partnered with Dr. Ronnie Detrich, PhD, to systematically backfill this knowledge gap of school-based BCBAs. He has recently been involved in education reform in order to continue to advance evidence-based practices in education to “assure high levels of treatment integrity at scales of social importance and the dissemination and actual implementation of effective programs”.

In our Webinar 5-part series, Addressing Challenging Behaviors Ethically in Schools, we will cover the following topics:

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the current landscape of schools systems and how ABA “fits” into the system
  2. Define and assess “Severe Problem Behaviors” in the school setting (including severity)
  3. List common terminology associated within the school setting, parents, and other therapeutic modalities.
  4. Identify the establishing operations of school systems in terms of the school culture and resources and how-to ethically provide services with such constraints
  5. Define IDEA, FERPA, and IEP Processes used in school settings
  6. Develop behavioral goals that are incorporated and aligned with student’s academic goals for systematic implementation of behavioral programming



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