CE Video & Audio Library for Behavior Analysts

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This Training package includes CEUs for your recertification needs available in both video and audio formats. This is your Netflix for Continuing Education… but better!


With our CE Video & Library for Behavior Analysts, you can access your recertification CEU needs in one library.  This is your Netflix for Continuing Education… but better!

BACB® – 24 Type II (Learning) CEUs

Delivery of Continuing Education:

  • Video Training
  • Audio Files
  • Transcriptions (coming soon)
  • 12-month Subscription

Behavior analysts lead challenging lives. If there’s not enough time in a day to provide services and supervision, where do you find the time to continually develop your current behavioral skillset and start shaping new skills that are founded from evidence-based research and practice?

This program was developed for accommodating your learning style by offering CEU content in both video and audio formats.  So whether you would like to watch your CE Videos on the Big Screen, computer or mobile device, or listen to the content through your favorite podcast player during your commute between clients this is your Netflix for Continuing Education… but better!


Titles Included in Your 12-month Subscription:

1 Transition in Practice Series with Dr. Peter Gerhardt: Planning for Transition (Middle School to High School) 4 Learning
2 ADD/ADHD Training Series: Q&A with Dr. Ronald T. Brown, PhD 2 Learning
3 Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series: Module 1- IEP Team 2 Learning
4 Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series: Module 2- SLP & ABA 2 Learning
5 Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series- Module 3: EDUCATORS & ABA 2 Learning
6 Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series- Module 4: PSYCHOLOGISTS & ABA 2 Learning
7 ADHD Assessment and Diagnosis Across Settings Redone 2 Learning
8 ADHD Management: Psychopharmacology 2 Learning
9 ADHD Management: Behavioral Strategies Across Settings 2 Learning
10 ADHD Management Strategies for Adolescents and Adults 2 Learning
11 Organizational Ethics & OBM Webinar Series-Module 2: Dr. Aubrey Daniels and Bailey in Performance Management 2 Learning


Mandatory Disclaimer: The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®  (“BACB”) does not sponsor, approve or endorse Special Learning, the materials, information or sessions identified herein.


About Us:

Professional CEUs is dedicated to providing quality, on-demand CE opportunities to behavioral health professionals who serve individuals in underprivileged and underserved communities. It is our mission to provide unequivocal  Audio and Video-based learning so no Professional goes without Exceptional Continuing Education. Through our associates, we can fulfill our mission and provide continuing education credits from numerous professionals. 

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