Psychopharmacology Series Bundle (7-part Series)

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SL Global’s Psychopharmacology series, with Dr. Ronald T. Brown and Dr. Debbie Coehlo, is designed to provide educators, healthcare providers, and parents with a comprehensive understanding of psychopharmacology and its impact on various childhood disorders.

This series will start with a comprehensive overview of medication and childhood disorders. Subsequent modules will provide a deeper understanding of psychopharmacology as it pertains to specific conditions, including ADHD, Autism, and other Mood Disorders. The series will conclude with sessions on Evidence-based practices, Ethics of Medication, and a deeper look at assessing and diagnosing individuals with various conditions.

Each 2-hour session will be broken down into three primary areas: (1) study on classes of medication; (2) how it relates to various symptoms; and (3) use of case studies to provide a deeper level of understanding by seeing how both come together in practice.