Building Soft Skills: Communication & Professionalism in the Digital World (Recorded)


In this webinar, we focused on the behaviors and skills that are most valued, impactful, and sought after by employers and clinicians.  Research has shown that year after year there are eight employability competencies that can help us in successfully navigating the workplace.  These employability competencies are juxtaposed with the ethical guidelines that drive our behavior analytic practices.  We also explored how skills like professionalism, effective communication, and digital literacy can impact our organizational outcomes, satisfaction, and ultimately client quality of life.

Through examining real-world scenarios that highlight the implications and outcomes of people lacking employability skills, we gained a better understanding of how to recruit, hire, and onboard qualified candidates and also effectively seek employers with aligned value structures.  Finally, we shared a tool that can be used to address and mitigate challenging employability circumstances and result in stronger and more effective workplaces.