Impact of COVID on Mental Health (Recorded)


COVID has completely reshaped the world that we have been living in for the past 12 months and brought with it changes and unintended consequences that have profoundly changed the lives of almost every single person in the world. For individuals with autism and other special needs, and those responsible for providing care, education, and services to support their growth and development, those changes have been even more pronounced.

While many in the education and healthcare field have adopted and adapted to methods of delivering services remotely in some form or another, very little attention has been paid to the impact of COVID on mental health-related issues. In our upcoming LIVE Webinar – Impact of Covid on Mental Health (LIVE 4/21/21) – you will learn from Dr. Debbie Coehlo, Ph.D., C-PNP, CMHS, CFLE, and our panelists as we begin discussion identify the impact of COVID on Mental Health and address simple strategies yet effective to mitigate the symptoms in home, school, and clinic-based settings.