Deep Dive: Assessing Problem Behaviors in Schools and Developing a BIP Implementation Team and Review of Data (Recorded)


There are countless challenges involved in developing quality FBAs that can realistically be implemented given vastly different constraints inherent in school settings. In this session, Dr. Detrich will leverage his deep knowledge, expertise, and history of success to provide BCBAs with a blueprint for BIP implementation. He will share his framework, models, materials, and other tools that he and his team have developed and used successfully over the years to achieve positive outcomes – in spite of environmental constraints.

In the previous session, Special Learning, Inc, and Dr. Ronnie Detrich presented the considerations and implications of selecting FBA strategies that is most appropriate in a variety of settings, situations, and circumstances.

In this session, we will continue to move along the FBA continuum to discuss the specifics of how to successfully create and implement BIPs — in collaboration with educators and other members of the IEP team.