Supervision: Developing Essential Foundational Repertoires in Supervisees

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Lesson Presentation


This webinar is presented in a Digital Symposium format – a facilitated roundtable discussion format with world-class guest subject matter experts. Participants were introduced to the concept of Minimum Viable Clinician (MVC), a clinician who possesses a minimum set of competencies to be effective clinicians. Our presenter and panelists reviewed the critical skills required to achieve the MVCs status – (1) clinical competency; (2) critical thinking; (3) cultural competency; (4) commitment to ethics; (5) collaboration, and (6) knowledge of how to maximize technology to create leverage and capacity.

The group engaged in a discussion regarding the importance of mastering these foundational Minimal Viable skills. They used personal stories and examples to underscore the importance and impact of clinicians achieving MVC level of effectiveness. They discussed the current state of the field of behavior analysis and the impact of poor supervision on the lives of clients and the field of behavior analysis.

Developing Essential Foundational Repertoires in Supervisees Audio File
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