Common Organizational Ethical Dilemmas

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In our Organizational Ethics Series, we will explore this topic using a systems approach. The global autism ecosystem is comprised of many different parties, some of whom with conflicting agendas. And yet, in order to provide children, adolescents and adults with the services they medically need, each member of the ecosystem must work together and do their part to fulfill their obligations. It is when members of this ecosystem fail to ethically discharge their obligations that things being to change — for the worse.

We introduced the Global Autism Ecosystem Framework to identify the roles and responsibilities of each key member and explore areas of intersection in which conflicts and ethical issues may surface. We reviewed common ethical issues that organizations encounter, how (if at all) it pertains to the BACB Ethics Code, and the resulting consequences to all parties of interest.

As with all our other Ethics webinars, we will incorporate cases submitted by BCBAs and RBTs in the field to provide a deeper learning experience.

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Factors Influencing the Unethical Behavior CODE ETHICS RELATED TO OBM AND BUSINESS ETHICS
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