ADHD Assessment and Diagnosis Across Settings Redone

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Like any other condition, early detection and intervention are key to future success. In our ADD/ADHD LIVE Webinar series with Dr. Ronald T. Brown, a renowned ADHD expert, we will demystify the mystery of ADD/ADHD so that parents, teachers, clinicians and other care providers can learn about medication and behavioral strategies to help individuals with ADD/ADHD reach their greatest level of functioning.

Use of assessment and diagnosis to develop treatment plans
(i)  Diagnostic tools
– What are they and when to use?
(ii) Teacher involvement: questionnaire
– Examples
(iii)  Parent involvement: questionnaire
– Examples
Best practices: Treatment algorithm
(i)  How to develop a treatment algorithm (balance between medication and behavioral)
Basic terminology (i.e. definition of functions)

ADHD Assessment and Diagnosis Redone Audio File

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