Addressing Problem Behavior in Schools: Q&A with Dr. Ronnie Detrich

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Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

  1. Describe a framework that can be realistically implemented in the “new normal” of virtual education to troubleshoot barriers that arise due to the nature of tele-treatment.
  2. Discriminate between the “typical” educational environment and the home environment for remote education.
  3. Describe the different behavioral interventions and strategies available when providing behavioral services in non-school-based settings (i.e. remote education).
  4. Identify ethical considerations when providing ABA services for students with problematic behaviors (i.e. availability of fiscal resources, personnel, compliant virtual platforms for confidentiality etc.) -and now for remote education.
  5. Identify roles and responsibilities between school and insurance-based providers in schools and homes.
  6. List the constraints in working with educators in the school system when providing ABA services- and now for remote education


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