Addressing Challenging Behaviors Ethically in Schools Module 4: Using ABA Programming in Schools in a Collaborative Model to Begin to Manage Problem Behaviors

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Learner Objectives:

  • List cultural considerations that interfere and/or promote cross-collaboration within schools.
  • Acknowledge cultural norms across different races, religions, cultures and languages and how-to create
    programming to incorporate such, by promoting individual cultural needs and sensitivity.
  • Develop common behavior reduction procedures that are conducive in the learning environment,
    implementable in the school setting, and achieve behavioral outcomes.
  • Develop strategies to overcome common barriers that arise in implementation of behavior intervention
  • Assess the pros and cons of different measurement procedures in the school setting and develop the
    most effective procedure and type of data display
  • Develop a systematic collaborative-team approach during the Behavioral Plan development through
    implementation which also encourages feedback from all parties involved.


Downloadable Tools:

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