Addressing Challenging Behaviors Ethically in Schools Module 3: Assessing Problem Behaviors in Schools and Developing a BIP Implementation Team

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Lesson presentation


Learner Objectives

  • Identify the least intrusive and most effective Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) procedures in the school setting to assess problem behaviors and provide the least amount of disruption for the student and his/her peers.
  • Assess classroom ecology and develop environmental modifications to support the student’s success in the classroom.
  • List proactive approaches to collaborate with educators and others that interact with the student in the school setting from initial observation through the assessment period and Behavior Plan implementation.
  • Design common antecedent and environmental strategies to reduce problem behaviors in the classroom based on functional assessment findings.
  • Discuss contextually appropriate replacement behaviors and methods of teaching/training school personnel of the implementation of replacement behaviors.
  • Develop a systematic collaborative-team approach when working in schools from the FBA to developing the Behavior Intervention Plan that will be successful for the student in the school setting.

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