Supervision Webinar Training Series- Module 1: Nuts and Bolts: Changes in BCBA Supervision Requirements


In this 2 ½  hour webinar we will discuss the major changes to the BACB requirements for supervision to including the requirements from Task LIst (4th Edition) to Task List (5th Edition), restricted vs. unrestricted hours, and unique documentation system.  This module is part of our New Behavior Analyst Supervision Webinar Series (2.0).

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Level: Advanced

Continuing Education Eligibility (Included):

(BACB®) –  2.5 Supervision or 2.5 Type II (Learning)
(QABA®) – 2.5 General or 2.5 Supervision

The BACB has announced upcoming changes in the supervision requirements for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Many of the changes will go into effect on 11/1/2019, 1/1/2020 and 1/1/2022.  Being educated and prepared to begin and/or continue providing supervision effectively to individuals seeking credentialing and ongoing supervision is vital to the success of clients and the efficacy of the profession.


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the BACB supervision requirements and upcoming changes
  • Define supervision and compare/contrast with oversight
  • Describe and list the supervision requirements for BCBAs and BCaBA
  • Demonstrate the purpose of supervision.

Please note: If you are seeking for the initial supervision coursework, please scroll down to the bottom and select the series to meet the mandated initial curriculum criteria.


This session is part of our Behavior Analyst Supervision Webinar Training Series 2.0 which contains 6 individual modules (4 of which are recorded) that provide 7 hours of training. And 2 additional LIVE Webinar module on Ethics with Dr. Jon Bailey, BCBA-D and our LIVE What Makes a Great Supervisor brings the total training hours to 11.

The goal of this supervision series was to exceed the minimum requirements set forth in the Supervision Curriculum 2.0. We accomplished this by beginning with a LIVE Webinar that lays the foundation with a module on What Makes a Great Supervisor? and ending with a LIVE Webinar on Best Practices in Ethical Supervision with Dr. Jon Bailey.   We offer each module as a stand-alone option to support your learning needs.

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