Empowering Supervisees: Becoming an Informed Consumer of Supervision (LIVE 6/30/2021)



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The field of behavior analysis has undergone tremendous growth over the past 10 years. In the review of data published by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB, n.d.) as of April 2021, there were nearly 51,000 BCBAs (et. al) in the world; as recent as 2015 (only five years ago), that number was just 22,122. This represents a growth rate of over 56% in just (slightly over) 5 years! This means that over 50% of BCBAs have less than 5 years of experience.

For EVERY single BCBA that enters the field of behavior analysis to successfully achieve their BACB certification, there is a supervisor, or multiple supervisors serving as gatekeepers whose responsibility is to ensure that only “qualified” individuals are allowed to represent the profession and the field of behavior analysis. Obviously, this means that the type of supervision that supervisees receive is directly correlated to how well they are able to perform this function.

Unfortunately, as “quality” is a subjective term, there are no industry-wide standards nor controls (yet) to ensure that this critical role of a supervisor is performed at the level to ensure that the integrity of the field of behavior analysis is protected. Therefore, BCBA candidates who are unfortunate recipients of poor supervision are left hobbled – often not even realizing their deficiencies, negatively impacting the lives of their clients, their reputation, and the field as a whole.

In short, NOTHING is as important to BCBA supervisees than selecting the right supervisor from whom they can receive “quality” supervision. Why? Because most BCBA candidates never view themselves as “consumers” of a “professional service” to conduct the due diligence before making a purchasing decision that will shape their entire career.

When talking about supervision, while the recent discussion has often centered around skills a strong behavior analytic supervisor should possess, and what a supervision curriculum should entail, less dialogue has occurred surrounding how supervisees can become informed consumers of supervision. For example: How can a supervisee assess whether a supervisor is a good fit to work with? How should the supervisee successfully advocate for their needs? How might a supervisee respond to ethical dilemmas with a supervisor, such as when the supervisor is operating outside their scope of practice or neglects to adhere to the supervision contract? This webinar will focus on empowering supervisees to have stronger control of supervision contingencies, therefore maximizing their learning experience.

In our Empowering Supervisees: Becoming an Informed Consumer of Supervision! Webinar, we will provide BCBA supervisees with the critical information they need to make an informed decision when selecting a supervisor. While many supervisees may not be in a position to select their own supervisor, armed with information on the characteristics of an effective supervisor and an effective supervision framework, they will be able to make informed decisions to begin to affect their own future.

Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Time:  3:00pm to 5:00 pm CENTRAL
Presenter: Noor Syed, PhD, BCBA-D
Panelist: Manya Ralkowski, EdS, BCBA/LBA

Price: $79 (includes 30-day access to the recording of the LIVE event and CEUs)

By the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:
• Establish a balanced supervisory relationship from inception to termination with defined roles and responsibilities and performance-related contingencies;
• Describe how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a supervisor to determine whether the supervisor would be an appropriate match;
• Identify the background and experiences of supervisors best able to provide relevant information and guidance on how to achieve success working in various settings and with different client types;
• List the elements of quality supervisory frameworks, such as scope and sequence of supervision curricula
• Discuss ways to engage in effective communication and advocate for needs with supervisors, including terminating the supervisory relationship;
• Compare and contrast the roles of supervisors and mentors to determine the benefits of entering into a mentoring relationship;
• Analyze potential responses to common ethical scenarios presented by supervisees

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